Why BLTC Training?


You will enjoy a special service and classes with small groups conducted by certified trainers.


Our Training Courses

BLTC Training Center offers you training courses for English, Arabic, and Chinese languages. Besides, some other training courses for Business skills, Computer Knowledge, and MS Office Applications. And special courses in Human Resources, Leadership, and Computerized Project Management.


Flexible Training Schedule

You can join BLTC Training Center any day, and choose the course timing with flexible training sessions, and in coordinating with us due to your available daily free time.


Our Courses are for everybody

BLTC Training courses are designed to suit all ages, levels, and all candidates, students, employees, and managers.


Training Methods

We follow the best training techniques using integrating technology into learning, and it is the best and most modern way to get the most benefits of the learned skills.


Global Community

BLTC Training Center offers you the best chance to deal with a global community of students and graduated around the world through the Internet, and to communicate and exchange all learned skills with them. We understand your daily busy time, so we are here to serve you and to be at your expectation with our flexible training schedules and perfect location at Asia International Hotel.


Other Services:

Admissions at the biggest and most famous Universities all around China.

Welcoming the new students at the airport, with suitable housing providing.

Documents translating services, from and to English, Arabic, and Chinese languages.

Supporting the new comers with short-term & practical training courses in Chinese, English, and Arabic Languages, and/or Computer Science & Business Skills.

Distance Learning at some Universities, like: Mashreq University, Sudan University of Science and Technology.